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laura? >> according to his friend and college football coach trayvon foster had many, many things going for him. he graduated from high school and was on the football team. he was a freshman linebacker and attending classes at laney getting a better than average grade point average but last night the 19-year-old was on the back field at hillside middle school playing a game of dice with others when he was shot and killed. today the school was closed to allow investigate dwrorz gather evidence without students here this,÷rpçñ aftern, we talked to a young man who says trayvon was like a brother to him. >> this is a heart break this, let me know that it's people out there that don't want to see a young man doing great. they don't want to see young men that have something going for they self being successful. >> now, tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 we'll hear more from
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the coach who told us trayvon would have been on the field with teammates this afternoon going through spring workouts and we'll hear the latest on the investigation. >> laura, thank you. fremont police say tips from the community helped them make an arrest in a package theft case in november, investigators posted video on you tube of this woman stealing a package in a bag of clothes off the for. of a home. it led to several tips on the woman's identity. the 32-year-old from oakland is now in custody charged with misdemeanor petty theft, felony identity theft and a felony probation violation. >> police arrested a high school student who wore a gas mask to school today. police got calls about 8:00 p.m. from people disstushed by what the 18-year-old was wearing. officers searched and found
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anymore class. he told police the costume was meant to be a prank. >> a man accused of trying to blow up a bank of america branch in oakland was back in court today. >> the 28-year-old from san jose was arrested on friday. mark? >> matthew reportedly told an under cover agent he would dance with joy to see bank of america in oakland come down. prosecutors say the man's goal is to spark a right wing backlash and a civil war. today, his attorney came in to federal court to ask for a delay in the proceedings. the attorney researchers whether or not his mental competencey needs to be evaluated. his hair is longer than in this mug shot and he is now clean shaven. according to court records the fbi under cover agents supplied him with buckets of fake explosives and a triggering device made from cell phones and the government
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agent also supplied a black suv that carried the bomb to the bank. today, the judge agreed to put off the preliminary hearing while his attorney does research. next court appearance is set march 8th. >> you tell me what the process is between now and march 8th for you? >> no. i can't comment. >> the defense attorney is not talking and neither are prosecutors in this case. coming up we'll hear from his former attorney from that group in the newsroom abc 7 news.mçg >> mark, thank you. >> new at 4:00 authorities today approved new rules for big ships in san francisco bay. today's ruling five weeks after an oil tanker hit a bridge tower causing damage. fog was a factor in that crash. new rules only asupply
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to -- apply to ships heading out of the bay. officials say incoming ships could have had negative affects on commerce. >> a judge ordered owners of this home to clean up the junk within their frond yard. the city has been battling with owners and wants the property declared of a nuisance. the home owned by mark and kimberly cliber who put up a tent in the yard eachistance of the trash and debris and other personal property creates a fire hazard. the court order refers to combustible property. >> officials say those items include trash, card board and paints that could catch fire, if the owners don't clear out the front yard and fix code violations the city will do it for them and send them a bill. >> parts board of directors launching a second round of bikes on board testing happening the week of march 18th. people will be atloud bring
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bikes on trains with one exception no, bike nirsz three cars during commute hours, it bans bikes from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 until 6:30 p.m. bart had a similar test in august. now they're going to do it international day of action to demand an end to violence against women and girls. >> that is right. we're live where there is an event happening now. >> that is right. valentine's day2(p is also a day to end violence against women. the campaign called a billion rising and hundreds are expected here to join the mayor and other elected officials for a dance rally but take a look at where they're doing this same dance
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>> this song this, dance. the goal to have one billion people around the world performing today in a campaign against violence towards women. >> there is power going create a shift of consciousness. >> she's among those who brought the effort into a unique setting. >> it means i'm part of the world. by b.myself. >> the song break the chain was created by play wright eve ansler for this day, resonating for those who find themselves behind bars both women and men. >> we're feeling did this give you? >> i'm about to cry. it's beautiful. treat to be a part of this. >> idea of bringing movement
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m :rqiiff ross . who pleaded guilty in a domestic violence case last year, he and his wife danced with the inmates today. >> it's important to take responsibility and to understand what power of redemption means we're here to better ourselves. >> we asked mirkarimi if he felt shunned by reportedly not being invited to this city hall event. he said he's not dwelling on it. his wife said it's just politics. live in san francisco, at city hall, abc 7 news. >> okay. thank you. >> another gorgeous day this valentine's day around the bay. >> perfect for happy valentine's day. >> yes. thank you. >> spencer christian is wheer a gorgeous forecast. >> just lovely, warm and spring like. we have a cloud free sky over temperatures are 71 degrees in
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oakland. upper 60s to low 70s around the bay area. this evening, condoleezza. temperatures ranging into later evening hours from upper 40s to about 60s, then in the morning around sun rise it will be cool and chilly inland valleys, temperatures into up yir 30s to low 40s, highs ranging from mid to upper 60s on the coast. some locations could top out at 70 to low 70s inland. more mild weather is ahead and there is rain on the horizon. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up1'yñ later. >> 70 degrees in mid february is nice. >> pretty cool. >> still ahead at 4:00 why the president says these children the are the lucky ones getting something most other 4-year-olds are not. >> the president hangout that is a throw back to fdr's
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administration. >> then. >> we're going to take you inside of a brand new facility going to lead to more manufacturing in silicon valley. >> taking a look at traffic on the skyway. heavy as usual for drivers trying to make their way ee. better for those heading south towards peninsula and beyond.
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breaking news. san bernardino sheriff's office announced burned remains found in that cabin in big bear mountains have been
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identified as those of christopher dorner. the manhunt lasting more than a week for the excop went up in flames in a remote cabin in the san bernardino mountains and made through dental records. >> they did it quickly. they said it could take weeks. the president pushed for more early childhood education programs during a visit to a preschool today saying the kids are some of the lucky ones using his state of the union address to point out fewer than three in 104-year-olds enroll in preschool. >> the a study shows the earlier a child begins learning the better he or she does down the road but wore not doing nouf give our kids that chance. in white house has not yet released figures about the cost. those figures expected to be included in next month's budget proposal. >> president obama channels
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fdr with a tech twist and the latest in the war between tesla and the "new york times". >> good afternoon. tesla's ceo has written a new blog posting in response to a "new york times" article saying that the model s ran out of charge. in the blog post today, it writes the battery never ran out of energy at any time. he published votes qoets suggesting and broder just post aid response sticking to his story and saying tesla personnel gave conflicting directions during his trip. >> an droid extending it's lead over apple and the devices have more than 70%
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market share in the 4th quarter up from 53% in the last year, apple's market share tipped and shipments of iphones were up, black berry and windows phoned totals less than 6% combined. news warren buffet will buy heinz helped calm concerns over the economy. a popular 1990s toy is making a come back, this time as an app. it features an old screen touch mode and is available >> americans got a chance to hang out with president obama on a google hangout.
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the president took questions on everything from gun control to the economy. it's the second time he's taken part in a google hangout. back to you. happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day. >> what a lovely valentine's day it has been absolutely perfect. >> thank you. >> if you look at heart shaped sun. here is a live view from our camera. giving awe look at just how gorgeous our conditions are right now. looking towards golden gate sunny skies across the bay area. mild conditions as you must know by now. giving you another view of cloud-free sky. it's mild out there with temperatures near 70 degrees. many locations is forecast features are these. sunny, mild conditions next two days. so we're going to get back to
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a seasonal pattern. for now, high pressure is in control. that is going to remain in control into the weekend. you can see starting at 7:00 this evening going into tomorrow, center of high pressure is shifting inland giving us a b-52 an off shore flow producing conditions that will last through saturday as well. now, let's take a look at our four-day forecast for lake tahoe. kboitsing to be sunny in the tahoe throughout the weekend, mild friday and saturday highs into low 50s getting cooler sunday and monday. partly cloudy skies monday. no snow in sight. speaking of no snow where does the smo pack stand right now? we're at 75% of normal for this time of the year which is below normal but not so bad as a year ago. we're only at 33% of normal. back to the bay area tonight, overnight. milder than last night. lows into low 40s, low to mid-40s. cooler in the interior valleys
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of the north bay. then, tomorrow, highs into the south bay, low 70s, low to mid-70s, 72 san jose. mainly low 70s, 71 redwood city. mid to upper 60s on the coast. almost 70s at half moon bay.v-y 66 degrees in in the sunset district. highs will be into low 70s in the north bay valleys. 71 santa rosa. 74 clover dale. near east bay highs mainly low 70s. 72 in fremont. and down near monterey bay, low to mid-70s. here is the accu-weather forecast we'll have a same pattern on saturday. mild highs into many locations in low 70s. monday, partly cloudy skies, president's day. then, rain arriving tuesday back to our old wet winter pattern. we do need it. >> it is winter. >> yes. >> there is a nice break. >> yes. thank you very much.
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>> happening now we want to take you back live to pictures of the stranded ship try jump. >> it's been at sea for a week now. a fire left the ship powerless. roughly 4,000 passengers described dirty conditions on board. sewage everywhere. it's been a horrible ordeal for them. >> this is where it will be docking in mobile, alabama. there is no estimated time of arrival at this point but several delays today. we'll continue to monitor this situation. in this newscast and on abc 7 >> i can't imagine how desperate they are to get back to shore. they'll probably swim. >> i think they would. >> ordinary people do extraordinary things in the community. the honor received today. >> and new after 4:30 a special valentine's day, thousands of veterans getting
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at and t ballpark hosted another kind of hero. hundreds of people turned out owe for annual heroes and hearts lunchen. a doctor began a violence prevention program. this event raises opinion for san francisco general hospital
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through the option of giant heart sculptures. >> the finest piece of art work i've kreet yaited probably has the most attention and good for people than anything i did in my life. >> works are spectacular this, auction pulled if almost $1.5 million this year, more than $10 mill yn for hospitals since it began eight years ago its fantastic. >> yes. >> kate hudson talks sports illustrated and the oscars have three new prs)tymuju:ñ >> oscars early 10 days ahead. we'll hear how several nominees will take the stage whether they win or not and will present awards on oscar sunday. they'll join the cost of chicago and avengers. if you haven't already go to to play the challenge. choose your favorites to win and compare with your friends. last night hollywood boulevard
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trance form noodleo brick road for the premier of "oz, the great and powerful". >> i just responded to the person i met on the page. >> i hope you're going to love to hate me that. would be my hope. i'm playing a very, very, bad girl. >> it slides into theaters march 8th. super model kate upton braved subzero temperatures for the cover of the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. >> a little secret i learned was hot water bottles on your stomach and on your neck. >> pick upper copy of the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition now. >> and academy awards now just a week and a half away. abc 7 is the only place to watch the big show on february 24th. >> still ahead here a former mayor add noits taking charity money to help with an
4:24 pm
addiction. >> a paraolympic champion is now facing murder charges in connection with his girlfriend's death. why police may not be as surprised as the rest of the world was. >> the valentine's day protest today in san francisco city hall demanding rights for all couples. >> i'm michael finney. cleaning lint from your drier. we team up with consumer reports to test a product that promises to make the clean up easier, and prevent fires.
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let's begin with more on that stranded carnival cruise ship happening now a live look at the ship making its way towards the port. >> it's now less than 30 miles from land but people can walk faster. officials say the bay is tricky to navigate because of turns and cross currents caused by a fire inside of the engine room sunday crippling the cruise ship. >> it's been miserable ever since, we're seeing what passengers in the gulf of mexico have been complaining about. now they got close enough to send cell phone pictures, hallways covered in filth. raw sewage in plain sight. passengers sleeping outside
4:28 pm
conditions in cabin that's have been without air conditioning for days. >> well, champion paraolympic one of the heroes of the london olympics is in jail now accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend. the story from abc news reporter. >> the first ever double amputee to compete in the olympics remembered for this poignant moment exchanging a number on the jersey with a man who beat him during 2012 olympic relay in london. but this morning a very different picture of the man known around the world as blade runner. south african olympic icon under arrest, charged with murdering his girlfriend. the 30-year-old appeared on the cover of fhs in, commercials and due to appear n a reality tv show. but early morning hours she was found1ca1ñ dead at the home, shot four times.
4:29 pm
police won't confirm the motive but say this wasn't the first time domestic disturbances were reported in the home. >> i just fell apart. >> this woman lives next door. >> she wasrzlñ willing to listen to you, give advice. >> if it doesn't real real yet shechl was a wonderful person. >> yesterday, she compete tweeted about her excitement for valentine's day whachl do you have up your sleeve for your love? this is south african plos say they will oppose any application for bail. >> this valentine's day straight couples were get being married same-sex couples were protesting asking they, too, be given the right to get
4:30 pm
hitched. vic? >> this is a big day here, you can probably hear music from outside city hall. there is a rally. today was a big protest day for advocates of same-sex marriage. this is a special day for many couples here. a day they'll never forget. jennifer and jason said vows this morning on the rotunda. >> it's just a special day. not like a regular valentine's day. this is more special. it's our wedding day. >> across the bay, other couples being denied the same opportunity choosing valentine's day to profess love for partners and protest inability to marry under the eyes of the law. tom and jeff registered as domestic partners four years ago. >> so you would say i have a
4:31 pm
boyfriend but i prefer to call him my husband. >> they gathered before they went to the city clerk. >> we wan plan to keep on living though we're a legally married couple ask asking for the same recognition until it's the way things are. today we're back here at city hall on the four-year anniversary of our engagement to ask, again, for a marriage license. we know we won't be able owe get legally married today. >> attempt wasiidx fit yil. they say thil continue coming back every valentine's day until they win. >> we've been together 22 years, married 20 years we want it legal. >> the group was in the room about a half hour. deputies blocked everyone else from entering while there. not everyone agreed with what's happening. mario and jessica couldn't get their license until it's over. >> i don't think it's right. i think god created adam and
4:32 pm
eve, not adam and steve. this is holding us back from our moment. >> they get tax relief to same-sex partners, vic lee abc 7 news. >> we'll see you later. >> former mayor of san diego admitted gambling millions from her late husband's charity. the exmayor blamed a gambling binge on addiction. during that binge she lost $13 million of her money. she was married to jack in the box restaurant founder. she'll have two years to pay back $2 million she took from the charity. >> john haggle's nomination for secretary of defense hit a obstacle. some members are turning out more and senate majority leader calls republican efforts to block an up or down
4:33 pm
vote tragic and shocking. there has never been a filibuster for a defense secretary nom nee. all 55 democrats support haggle, a former republican senator from nebraska but just two republicans have said they'd vote for him. >> the fight over the ñfñn
4:34 pm
take a look at 7,000 hand written valentines. she says this is the largest outpouring of support so far. she credits office of education helping to coordinate this vald for vets efforts. valentine's day may be for lovers but also, for fighters. a thousand people are expected in san francisco justin herman plaza for the valentine's day pillow fight. organizers say wear something to cover your mouth and bring a trash bag. >> it's fun. >> last year's pictures and this year's event looks similar. >> still ahead at 4:00 game interrupted. cause today down under.
4:35 pm
>> technology comes to the rescue of a disabled sea turtle. >> i'm spencer christian. here is a live view what some would call picture perfect weather conditions. how long will this last? the accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> taking a look at traffic on the goltden gate bridge. you can see in both directions moving along nicely those cars no doubt stuck but chocolate and flowers on the way home. >> they better be. >> back out live to that ç carnival cruise ship making its way to port very making its way to port very slow well, well, well.
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kang aa roos in a golf course. >> yes. a mob interrupted the opening round of the lpga open. it led to a discussion as to who would happen if a shot landed in a kangaroo pouch is there a rule for that? for the record the player would not be penalized. >> a logger head turtle is become nlt swim of things showing off her new flippers this week in kobe, japan. since then, she's had 27 different sets of flippers and this time, researchers strapped a jacket around the shell outfitted with the slippers.
4:39 pm
>> that looks like she's getting around. >> yes.q%ñ >> things looking lovely here around the bay area, sunny skies everywhere showing low clouds lurking off shore, but that is it. high temperatures so far looking, low 70s, fairfield, napa, santa rosa. 76 in yu kia. 70 in gilroy. all around the bay area, we've had lovely weather, high temperatures tomorrow will fit into the mid winter patterns. in mp minneapolis, it's cold this time of the year. snow moving into parts of new england area. upper 40s in boston and new york. 51 in dallas tomorrow. 35 in denver mild in phoenix with a high of 73. seasonal weather 50s in
4:40 pm
portland and see yalt and a chance of clouds moving into the bay area, sunny, mild, lows 72 tomorrow in chico. 69 in fresno. palm spring, 78. here in the bay area, mild pattern continues spring like once again, highs into low 70s right around the bay and inching up towards mid-70s in milder locations. 71, 72 about the average inland and around the bay shore line. upper 60s on the coast. looks like saturday going to be another one like tomorrow, spring like weather continue buzz look out. next week, rain will return. >> okay. thank you very much. >> the harlem shake is blowing up online and a children's choir perform was the international airport. >> that -- international space station. >> that is right. >> here is["k? another look at w
4:41 pm
individual videos, chris hatfield is live alongside ed robertson of bare naked ladies. the magic of tech molgz>. this is the first musical collaboration in history. we should note for their 360 live tour since arriving hatfield, a fellow canadian made headlines for recording and having a realtime conversation with william shatner. doesn't ve work to do or something? another video shot in new york city times square featuring cam row appearances from nypd officers trying to break up the madness.
4:42 pm
>> have fun, keep your shaking safe and legal. and that will do it for today's trending videos. see you next time, bay area. >> thank you. coming up next a first in the u.s.. the governor proves high tech device can treat blindness. >> taking a picture of how much we should reduce salt in diets. >> i'm michael finney. do you own a chrysler? the auto maker announces a recall of popular trucks and suvs.
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in healthy living news patients who lost sight because of a rare disorder may be able to regain vision using a new implantable device. fda approved first treatment for an inherited disorder that causes a breakdown of cells in the retina. we first told you about the so mñ the system includes a small video camera and transmitter
4:46 pm
on a pair of glasses that work in conjunction with an artificial retina. the fda says it will not fully restore vision it should allow them to detect light and dark. >> a study find the u.s. could prevent up to a half million deaths over the u.s. if americans cut their salt intake. institute of medicine recommends most healthy people get 1500 milligramz of sodium per day. average american consumes more like 3600 every day. the study is in the journal hyper teengs a report says the use of the morning after pill more than kubl doubled in sexually active women took the pill up from 4% in twut. experts say increased popularity is likely because it's now available over the counter for women age td 17 and older preventing pregnancy if taken up to five days after
4:47 pm
unprotected sex. >> let's move on to consumer news, chrysler recalling hundreds of thousands of pickup trucks, maybe one that is in your driveway. >> this auto maker recalling 300,000 pick ups and suvs to fix a problem causing rear axel to lock up. it covers ram 1500 pick ups and dodge dakota pick ups and chrysler aspen and dodge durango from 2009. saying a nut can come loose due to a missing adhesive patch. it's the second recall for the same problem. >> so small can cause a problem. >> it's unbelievable. >> you have another item for us. a partnership with consumer
4:48 pm
reports on a report on a popular info commercial. >> yes. it's fun. >> yes. >> thousands of house fires are started each year by clothe driers clogged with lint. consumer reports just tested the lint lizard it's an infomercial product. this fire start ntd drier vent. this home was destroy bid a fire started in a clothes drier, officials say lint had m t)vvett traed, it's he sen toshl clean the drier ducts and lint trap. consumer reports tested a new infomercial product called lint lizard. >> it's like a magic wand cleaning deep. >> it attaches to your vacuum cleaner. thread tube through the opening of the lint trap. bernie checked to see how much lint koit remove from the
4:49 pm
drier. removing more lint than any other technique we've tried. >> but there is a draw back. it may not easily fit into very narrow openings and could damage duct work. consumer reports doesn't recommend these ducts anyway it can say, like this. collect lint, cause problem was vents in the drier. >> consumer reports says metal ducts are fair batter. -- better you want to clear those once per year. taking these precautions can help prevent a tragedy. >> it costs $10.99 plus shipping and handling on the company's web site. lint you can get it for less at major retailers. >> this is really cheap.
4:50 pm
>> thank you. >> sure. >> up next, the tide turning in silicon valley. >> it is. overseas jobs begin to come back. >> this company is investing $32 million a bet companies do want to bring jobs back to the u.s.. is it a good bet? we'll have a live report coming up. >> in the abc 7 newsroom coming up at 5:00 surveillance people whot leaves could profit from crimes. uc berkeley math wizard crunches numbers adding up the toll of supporting undocumented students. now, the government may vai
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ys of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo!
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a home coming of sorts in silicon valley. jobs moving to china are coming back to the u.s.. abc 7 news is live in milpitas with more on reshoring and opportunities it's creating
4:54 pm
right now. >> if you remember the movie "field of dreams" you remember the line if you build it they will come. this is what they have done to help silicon valley companies as they bring manufacturing back to the u.s.. >> with 200,000 employerees flex tronics started detecting customers wanted to bring production back to the u.s. so just inveftd $12 million and plans to spend more to be ready when off shoring becomes reshoring. a key reason is wage rates whachl you've seen in the united states is that you've not seen much movement in wages at all over the last four, five years. what it's doing is that labor is starting to dissipate. >> this product line will allow silicon valley companies to take concepts from research
4:55 pm
and development labs andq'x turn them into prototypes kus using latest 3 d printing technology. >> we're going to have more jobs with new customers coming in. >> this must make you feel proud. >> definitely proud. >> flex tronics has 2500 silicon valley employees and 100 job openings. the valley is seeing nontech companies reshoring. a year ago, it moved?s from china to union city.c and sales continue to grow. he says reshoring work autos i think companies are so used to doing business in asia. they're not sure if the benefits they can get from
4:56 pm
reshoring. >> american consumers will play a big role. a lot of consumers became very price conscious. in milpitas abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00, abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. stranded cruise ship passengers spell out a message0ç of help and latest on efforts to get them to shore tonight after hitting a snag today. >> and sheriff ross mirkarimi does jail house rock with inmates. a dance some might find ironic considering the message behind it. >> i'm sandhya palt pathel. spring is in the air, how long, when will rain arrive?
4:57 pm
the plot thickens in an explosive situation in the south bay. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. the target is state senator leelandy because of a tough stand on gun control. abc 7 news joins us with the latest on a story that seems to get bigger, more frightening by the minute. wayne? >> if you look there is the house where work today appears to be coming to an end. but it's been a busy day. state senatory confirmed he was the target that have death threat that led to the qfmearch warrant and search in this house you're looking at here. >> a long day three of
4:58 pm
california patrol investigators searching for what they might find and worrying about explosives they might miss. >> every room is that task it played out in two locations today. the house filled with investigators wearin[yks$ gear, and the state building in san francisco where senatory confirmed he was a recipient of an e mailed death threat. >> the author of the particular e mail stated that would assassinate me in or around the capitol. >> tuesday, the california patrol arrested 45-year-old everett bashham who lived in the houts charging him with possessing illegal firearms and chemicals. investigators exploded some of them tuesday night. are are more pulled today.
4:59 pm
and what is described as explosive device autos built to explode? >> i believe so. >> san jose police loaded this one and detonated it this morning. >> if this person were not a suspect and material you have found would be suspicious? >> yes. >> all suspicious, quite bizarre for this neighborhood it used to be quiet now filled with police cars and, oh, trucks and bomb squad units and investigators. the suspect it turns out used to work for apple co-founder when abc 7 asked him what he thought of it, he says, here is a quote, he'd have cleaning solvts

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